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José Carlos Martins da Rosa, DDS, MS

Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa received his DDS degree in 1988 from the Federal University of Santa Maria/RS - Brazil. In 1992 he got a post graduate certificate in Periodontics from São Paulo Association of Dentists (APCD), Bauru/SP and in 2005 he received his MS degree and post graduate certificate in Prosthodontics from Center of Dental Research São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas/SP. He is currently Doctorade Student in Implantology of CPO SLMandic, in Campinas/SP.

He coordinated updating courses in Implantology and Prosthesis over Implants in Meridional Dental Study Center (CEOM) - Passo Fundo/RS from 1998 to 2006. He coordinated the specialization course in Implantology at the same school from 2006 to 2008. He was scientific coordinator of the specialization course in Implantology at Brazilian Dentistry Association (ABO) in Florianópolis/SC from 2000 to 2003. Nowadays, he is teacher of Implantology of these Study Centers.

He developed a new technique to broden indications for immediate loading on individual teeth. Through it, cases of compromised sites with bone loss/gingival recessions can be reconstructed in the same surgical session of tooth extraction, implant placement and provisional crown installation, reducing the number of interventions and keeping predictability on esthetic aspects. The name of this technique is Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration or “IDR”.

The technique was theme of the book of the same name launched in Portuguese language in 2010, by Santos Publishing (São Paulo – Brazil). The book “Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) – Immediate-loaded implants in compromised alveolar sockets”, sold out its first edition in three months. A new edition in Portuguese was launched in 2011 and the Spanish language version was launched in May 2012. The English language version in going to be launched until the end of 2012.

Since 1993 he is giving lectures in all parts of Brazil and since 2009 he is giving lectures in Brazil and around the world to spread the technique developed by him. He has a private practice and Study Center in Caxias do Sul/RS – Brazil, “Rosa Odontologia”, where he gives courses, hands-on and coordinates research groups. For more information, click here:

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Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration: Immediately Loaded Implants in Compromised Sockets - Immediate dentoalveolar restoration (IDR) is a treatment modality for immediate loading of single-tooth dental implants in fresh extraction sockets. This textbook provides a comprehensive step-by-step presentation of the IDR procedures and detailed clinical cases showing IDR used in various clinical situations. IDR reduces the number of interventions by integrating reconstruction of any tissue loss during the same visit as the implant placement and provisional crown fabrication. Predictability of the esthetics is ensured through careful esthetic...


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Clinic Information
Rosa Odontologia
São Leopoldo Avenue, 680

Phone: 54   3213-2013

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