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Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS

Dr. Fabio Manuel Filannino

    Professional Experience:

  • 1998: Dentist at Dental Department and the Italian Navy - Locations of Venice (VE) and Ancona (AN)
  • Since 1999: Self-employed at his own office in Pesaro (PU) - Italy
  • Since 2000: Consultant in implantology and oral surgery at several dental offices.
  • Since 2008: Consultant in implantology and oral surgery at Sanident - Milan (MI) - Italy
  • Since 2014: Resident Consultant in implantology, oral surgery and prosthetics - Besana in Brianza (MB) - Italy

    Education and Training:

  • 1991: Classic High School Degree at Liceo “G. Nolfi” – Fano (PU) - Italy
  • 1997: DDS – University of Ancona - School of Dentistry (AN) - Italy
  • 1999/2000: Annual Course of Training "Technical-Operative in Surgical and Prosthetic" at the Department of Dentistry of the 'University of Florence (FI) - Italy - teachers: Gianpaolo Pini Prato and Carlo Tinti.

  • 2001/2002: Annual Course of Implantology - Teacher: dr. Marco Degidi - Bologna (BO) - Italy
  • 2003/2004: Post Graduate Advanced Course in Oral Surgery at the University of Milan - Bicocca (MI) - Italy
  • 2003/2006: International Post Graduate Program in Implantology at New York University College of Dentistry – Center for Continuing Dental Education - New York (NY) - USA
  • 2011/2012: European Master in Aesthetic Medicine at Academy School of Practical Aesthetic Medicine - Milan (MI) - Italy

Personal Skills & Competences:

Active Member 2019 of the New York University College of Dentistry C.D.E. Italian Graduates Association.

Active Member 2019-2020 IAO - Italian Society of Osteointegration Implantology, Oral Surgery and Phrostodontics is what I do daily since 2001, after couple of years of general dentistry with passion, at that time, for endodontics and composite restorations.

During the last years I've started to use Dicom files to analyze Tc Dental Scans for surgery's and implant planning. Since last year I've become very good using Cone Bean technology (Gendex and Soredex), InVivo and 3D OnDemand software for planning every implant case, sometimes using guided surgery from Anatomage.

Lately we're using everyday dental microscope and intraoral scanner with Exocad software to produce directly our prosthetics from Arctica by Kavo and an other five axis milling machine.

Expert in using Magnetic Mallet and Soniflex for sinus lift surgeries and split augmentation surgeries.

Languages: Italian (Primary), English & Spanish.

Clinic Information

via Vittorio Emanuele II, 3
Besana in Brianza , MB 20842

Phone: +39 0362 996580
Fax: +390270036273

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