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Hans Van der Elst, DDS

Dental Surgeon

Specialist Implantology
(German Society for Implantology (DZOI)(Expert on DentalXP)
Specialist Aesthetic Dentistry
(German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ))


Koglkopfstraße  8                              
83707 Bad Wiessee
Tel : +49 8022 857392
Fax: +49 8022 857409

Al Razi Bldg. Office 2014-17
Dubai Health Care City Dubai – U.A.E.
Tel : +971 4 3635367
Fax: +971 4 3635370


Born 17 July 1960      Tiel      The Netherlands

Professional Development

06/2009 –

Privilege to operate in City Hospital/DHCC
Maxillo-Facial surgery

05/2007 –

German Dental Oasis
Clinic for High-End Dentistry
Dental Director
Dubai / United Arabic Emirates

08/2005 – 07/2008

Dental Clinic DentOasis
Clinic for High-End Dentistry
Dental Director
Bad Wiessee / Germany

10/1997 – 07/2005

Dental Clinic for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry
Enlarging the Implant systems to Nobel Biocare, the Bauer screw, Straumann and Dentaurum Implants
Bad Wiessee / Germany

10/1989 – 04/1995 Dental Clinic
setting the marks on implant and aesthetic dentistry
Celle / Germany

05/1995 – 09/1997

Dental Clinic for Aesthetic Dentistry
Mainly Veneers, In- and Onlays
Changed the Implant system to Oraltronics
Munich / Germany

10/1989 – 04/1995

Dental Clinic
setting the marks on implant and aesthetic dentistry
Celle / Germany

10/1985 – 09/1989

Dental Clinic
First implants in 1988  Brand: Friadent
St.Andreasberg / Germany

Post graduate education Dental Implantology


1 Day Workshop Implantology DHCC Dubai
Including live surgery


Lecture 9th Congress IAP Tehran/Iran


Lecture Dentistry 2009 Abu Dhabi/UAE
Piezosurgery and the use of growth factors


Hands-on University Ras Al Kkaimah/UAE
All about Veneer, the do’s and don’ts


Lecture University Ras Al Khaimah/UAE
Aesthetic principles in ceramic restorations


Lecture International Congress Fortaleza/Brazil
Improving the prognosis by the use of Piezo,PRF,PRGF


Lecture Health Care City Dubai
Piezotechnology in dentistry


Lecture Implantology in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Basics in Implantology


Lecture Sofia Implantology
The use of Piezo


Dental Expert on DentalXP


Lecturers on Video for DentalXP
Atlanta / USA
Themes: Implantology and Aesthetics

05/2008 Workshop at the FTI 08 in Berlin/Intercontinental
Berlin Piezosurgery
05/2008 Lecture at the FTI 08 in Berlin/Intercontinental Berlin
Clinical Combined Approach of Ultrasonic Devices and PRF
03/2008 Lecture at the DGZI meeting Dubai/Taj Palace<
Bioengineering in Implantology
02/2008 Hands-On courses Bad Wiessee Piezosurgery
10/2007 Lecture at the Congress Implantar 2007 in Sao Paulo/Brazil
Piezosurgery in Implantology/PRF
10/2007 Hands-On courses in Sao Paulo Piezosurgery
09/2007 Lecture Piezosurgery/PRF Nice
06/2007 Hands-On courses in Istanbul Piezosurgery
03/2007 Hands-On course in Dubai Laser in Implantology
01/2005 – 06/2007 Hands-On courses implantology in the DentOasis Bad Wiessee
03/2006 Lecture at Congress DZOI Immediate loading in implantology
01/2006 Hands-On course in Indianapolis/USA Innova
2003 - 2007 Several Case reports about implantology

1984 Application to work in Germany
1983 Doctor in Dentistry
Dissertation: Extraction of natural teeth compared to age,sex and insurance
Nijmegen / Netherlands
1978 High school A-Level Nijmegen / Netherlands

Clinic DentOasis         5 Physicians
                                     1 Dentist for paediatric Dentistry
                                     1 Dental Surgeon
                                     1 Dentist for Endodontics and Periodontology
                                     1 Dentist for Orthodontics
                                     1 Doctor for internal medicine
                                     1 Dental Hygienist
                                    Cooperation with an anaesthetist

Clinic German Dental Oasis         3 Physicians
                                                       1 G.P.
                                                       1 Dental Surgeon
                                                       1 Dentist for paediatric Dentistry
                                                       1 Dental Hygienist
                                                       Enlarging the team with
                                                       1 Orthodontist at 01.12.2007
                                                       1 Dentist for Endodontics at 01.12.2007
                                                       1 Dentist for Periodontology at 01.01.2008
                                                       1 Dentist for Prosthetics at 01.01.2008
                                                       1 Maxillo-facial surgeon at 01.03.2008

Educational efforts
Post graduate education Founder of M.O.A.

Medical Oasis Association Vice-President Lugano Switzerland

Non profitable organization where the main aim is to increase the quality of medical and dental treatment by coordinating post graduate education as well as the development of new methods at a high standard in cooperation with the manufactures of medical equipment and materials.

Education Institute GDO
Educational institute inside the German Dental Oasis recognized by Harvard Medical School. Courses are organized for dentists and dental technicians to gain CME hours for renewal of the licence.
Topics of the courses cover almost the total fields inside dentistry.

Dentistry 2009 Abu Dhabi
Member of the advisory board
A new congress organized by the same organization that is organizing Arab Health, the biggest medical congress and exhibition in the Middle East

Dentistry 2010 Abu Dhabi
Member of the scientific committee

Dental Work in DentOasis
Dr. Hans van der Elst
about 400 implants a year
about 50 major aesthetic cases a year
about 150 grafting procedures a year
most of the time operations are with sedation

Clinic Information
Dubai Health Care
Al Razi Bldg. Office 2014-17
Dubai , 83707

Phone: 971.4.3635367
Fax: 971.4.3635370

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