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Javier Vasquez, DMD, CDT

Dr. Javier Vasquez is a researcher and developer of the concept: "Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion", a different perspective of occlusion. He has been trained in all areas related with physiology and occlusion in all different academies of occlusion around the world.

He has dedicated this past 10 years to educate dentists all over the world with his lectures and individual consulting. He has a training center in Miami where he teaches courses for dentists in different areas of physiology and occlusion.

Also, KOL for important companies around the world. Pioneer and KOL for SICAT Function, the new technology from Sirona that integrates CT Scans, high definition digital impressions, and JAW Tracking movements in real time. This technology has allowed to change multiple dogmas in occlusion and physiology of the airway, cervical spine and cranio cervical components.

Dr. Vasquez has written multiple articles in different magazines in reference to the subject of Biofunctional Dynamics and physiology of occlusion. He endorses the doctors to use technology to visualize how many of the dogmas created in occlusion have changed and he presents it with a different perspective.

He is a national and international speaker in the areas of cranio-cervical dynamics, cranio-mandibular stability and esthetics.

For multiple years he has been involved in the laboratory business creating a specialized dental laboratory for Doctors that follow his thoughts in occlusion and function. He develops and plans full mouth rehabilitations and coaches the Doctors during the process of the cases from the diagnostic phase in consulting all the way to the insertion, final details, adjustments and coronoplasty.

He is member of the world renowned unique group Oral Design International, and he is one of the 4 dentists in the world that are members of this organization.

Clinic Information
Oral Design Miami
7210 Southwest 57th Avenue
Miami, FL 33143

Phone: (305) 740-6263

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