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Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA is national and international speaker and published author of over 300 articles for various publications.She has been a practicing dental assistant for over 25 years and works for Dr. Robert Korman in Virginia Beach, VA.

She has taught over 2,000 classes on dental assisting technique and over 60,000 dental assistants over the last 6 years alone. Shannon has taught at the Nash Institute, Dawson Academy and Spear Education, instructing through both lectures and hands on programs.

She has written over 300 articles in regards to Clinical Application and has a current column in Dental Product Reports for the team evaluation of dental products and materials.

She has her own publication for dental assistants with partnership of Schein Dental called "Side by Side" and also started one of the first online platforms designated for dental assistants called the Academy of Chairside Assisting.

Shannon was awarded the Rising Star Award from the AACD, recognized as one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Clinicians for the last 10 years, Dental Products Report 25 most influential women in dentistry, the Lucy Hobbs Award, and Dr. Bicuspid’s Dental Assistant Educator of the year.

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CPS Magazine

Shannon's Lecture Series
From our Side of the Chair
The Esthetic Assistant
What the Lab Needs to Know
The Complete Care Assistant
Case Presentation on Steroids
The Doctor-Assistant Team
The Art of Clinical Digital Photography
To Fill the Space
Dental Materials Showcase
Esthetic Provisionals for the Chairside Assistant
Understanding Occlusion or the Chairside Assistant

Hands-On Series
Cad Cam Staining and Glaze
D4D Cad Cam Assistant
The Art of Clinical Digital Photography
Esthetic Mock Up Using Wax and Composite
Exquisite Provisionals Anterior and Posterior
Rubber Dam: This is Easy
To Fill the Space
Isolation, Preparation and Cementation
The Art of Facebow Transfer, Pouring, and Mounting Models
A Clean place to work: Setting up the operatory and lab
The Dental Concierge
Records for Success

Shannon's Lecture Series for Team
The Esthetic Dental Team
Dental Materials Update
The New Patient Coordinator
Understanding Occlusion or the Dental Team

Meetings Lectured:
Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dawson Center
Chicago Midwinter
Greater New York
Tennessee Dental Association
Yankee Dental Congress
Denver Mid-Winter
Texas Dental Association
The Greater Pacific Dental Conference
Connecticut State Dental Association
Jewel of The Lakes Meeting
Wisconsin Dental Association
The Holiday Dental Conference
The Greater Houston Society
Becker Parken NY
Golden Study Group
The Cerec Summit Lake Tahoe
Americus Dental Lab
3M Symposiums
Leventhal in Penn
American Orthodontics Society in Las Vegas
RDent Lab
Delaware State Dental Meeting
Star of the South
Virginia State Dental Meeting
Detroit Dental Society
Oregon Dental Assistants Association
South Carolina Dental Meeting
Spokane District Dental Society
Southwest Dental Conference
Big Apple NY
Minnesota Dental Society
Pacific Dental Conference
Pacific Northwest Meeting
CDA in San Fran
Ohio State Dental Society
Nigra Falls Dental Buffalo
Detroit Dental Society

American Dental Assistants Association
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, member

Private practice
2010-present - Dan Etheridge DDS
Chairside Assistant
Chesapeake, VA

2006-2010 - John Cranham
Office Mgr & Chairside
Chesapeake, VA

2006-present - Act Dental-Practice Mgt. Coach

1989-1996 - Dr. Dest, Faulk, Alexander and Kye
Charlotte, NC

Teaching Institutes & Dental Publications
2008-present - Aegis - Inside Dental Assisting

2008-present - AACD Journal and Board of Directors

2008-present - Dental Advisor Evaluator

2006-present - The Dawson Academy
The Complete Care Assistant

2004-2006 - Contemporary Dental Assisting

2005-2006 - REALITY Publishing Co.
Co Editor-n-Chief REALITY TEAM "aRTie"

1998-2006 - The Nash Institute for Dental Learning
Director of Education

2011 Lecture Schedule
Jan 13,14,15- Southwest Dental Conference- 3 day hands-on
Jan 19-22- 2 days Hawaii Dental Assoc.- 2 day Lecture
Jan- 27- Webinar on Whitening
February 2 and 3- 2 day lecture and hands-on Star of the South
February 11- Memphis AACD
February 24- Chicago Midwinter
March- 10 and 11- Utah Dental Assoc
March 16- Ohio Dental society
March 24, 25, 26- 3 Days Hands-On Hinman
April31 - DC Dental Show
April 14-15 Spokane Dental Meeting
April 29 and 30- South Carolina Dental Meeting
May 5 and 6-Townie Dental Meeting
May 12-15- CDA
May 18-20- AACD
May 27 and 28-Southwest Dental Surgeons
June 24 and 25 Halifax Dental
October 10-13- ADA
November 24-26- Greater New York
December 1 and 2- Sweden AACD

Clinic Information

309 A 26th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone: 757-285-9477

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