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Yasukazu Miyamoto, DDS

Asahi University School of Dentistry, 1983

JIADS( The Japan Institute Advanced Dental Studies, Certificate in Periodontology & Implantology, 1988.

Professional Experience:
Miyamoto Dental Clinic, private practice, at Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan, 1986~2000.

Instructor of priodontology at the Japan Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, 1990~present

Shijyo-karasuma Perio Implant Center, private practice, at Shimogyoku, Kyoto, Japan, 2000~present

Vice President, The Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology, 2004~present

President, Osseointegration Study Club of Japan (OJ) 2005~2006

Visiting professor, Asahi University School of Dentistry, 2008

American Academy of Peridontology
Academy of Osseointegration
Osseointegration Study Club of Japan
Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontlogy
Japanese Society of Periodontology

Lectures presented:
1. “Priodontal Plactic Surgery in Ethetic Zone” American Academy of Periodontology: Annual Meeting, CE Course. Hawaii,(9/21/2000)
2. “Periodontal Regenerative Therapy ” Harvard University,Boston. (9/25/2001)
3. “Regenerative Therapy on Natural Teeth and Implants” Osseointegration Study Club of Southern California, Los Angeles.(9/17/2003)
4. “Regenerative Therapy of Vertical Bone Defects” Tufts University, Boston. (6/10/2004)
5. “Soft Tissue Management in Regenerative Surgery” American Academy of Periodontology Periodontal Plastic Surgery Study Club, Denver. (9/27/2005)
6. “Regenerative Surgery Using Enamel Matrix Derivative Combined with Bone Grafts” UCLA, Los Angeles.(9/29/2005)
7. “Anterior Implant Esthetics” 3i International Symposium. Tokyo. (11/9/2005)
8. “Reconstruction of Lost papillae for Natural teeth and Implants” American Academy of Periodontology, Annual Meeting, CE Course. San Diego. (9/17/2006)
9. “Reconstruction of Lost papillae for Natural teeth and Implants” The 9th International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry. Boston. (6/10/2007)
10. “Papilla Grafting and Reconstruction around Implants” The Academy of Osseointegration. Boston. (2/29/2008)

Clinic Information
Shijyo-Karasuma Perio Implant Center
Asobe Bld. 3F, 76 Tachiurinishi-cho Shimogyou-ku
Kyoto, 600-8007

Phone: 81752536487
Fax: 81752536490

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