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Root Submergence Technique, A Case Series with Follow-Up up to Seven Years Root Submergence Technique, A Case Series with Follow-Up up to Seven Years


Lanka Mahesh, BDS, MBA

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In the era of aesthetic dentistry, the goal is not only to provide a function to our patients but also to preserve the hard and soft tissue anatomy, to have a pleasing prosthesis. Obtaining natural aesthetics is simpler in single implant cases, however, in multiple implant prosthesis achieving natural dentition becomes a challenge. The root submergence technique (RST) is one such procedure that provides maximum preservation of the surrounding alveolar bone and soft tissue. This case series discusses the effect of a root submergence technique on preserving the periodontal tissue at the pontic site of fixed dental prostheses in the maxillary arch. The results of this clinical case series indicate that a root submergence technique can be successfully applied in the pontic site development with fixed dental prostheses, especially in the maxillary anterior aesthetic zone.

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